Latest News; Recording continues on the next Parisian Living album.

The songs from the Black Lab sessions in Roncq, France now have guitars, keyboards and vocals.
Recording continues at Reading's Whitehouse Studios with engineer Matt Bew.



Joey representing Parisian Living in the Pyrenees in May 2018.

Joey representing Parisian Living in the Pyrenees in May 2018.


People of Earth, please be aware that the new single "Semi" by PARISIAN LIVING is out now to download in MP3, MP3 320 and FLAC formats, from CD Baby.
Please click this link; 


"Semi" is now available to buy on iTunes, amazonmp3 etc. and to stream on Spotify etc.
The band has begun making their next record-breaking earth-quaking side-splitting collection 
"Planet Earth Is Closed For Repairs".
Recording of the 2016 reboot of "Semi" commenced on 30th December 2016 at Reading's Whitehouse Studios. Overdubs were added to the single in Perth, Western Australia (Joey's vocals) and Chamonix in France (keyboards by Timski). It was
mixed down in Budapest, Hungary by our favourite Bald English engineer and longtime collaborator Adam Whittaker.
We'll try to have the LP ready in less than five years this time. Thank you.

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Parisian Living - Into The Groove

Lunch Box Records is a small loss-making company formed in 1986 to bring the music of Parisian Living to the world.
Parisian Living is sustainable, it's green, it's low energy. It's renewable, it's recycled. It takes only video and leaves only footprints.
We have been producing, writing, recording and performing our own unique brand of funk, jazz, reggae and rock since 1981.
There is now a total of fifty-two Parisian Living songs to enjoy on the web!

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Five Parisian Living LPs

“MASSIVE IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE” "ANOTHER LOAD FROM THE MUTHALODE" "VIVA" "NEGATIVE ENTROPY" and "BEYOND THE DREAMS OF AVARICE" are now available to download from iTunes, amazonmp3 and other fine download sites. "Massive In A Parallel Universe" and "Another Load From The Muthalode" are available on CD from our web distributor You can also stream our tracks from Spotify, Deezer and Soundcloud among many others.

Get them. Feel them. Dig them.

Read about the making of "Massive In A Parallel Universe" on the "Latest Album" page.

Thanks to everybody who has listened to our songs online! We're a little Internet phenomenon. Our downloads and
streams are now approaching 5000 and our total web plays are over 10 000!

We'd also suggest you check out our Facebook blog! Our timeline features amusing stills from way back, 
and we also connect with our funk heroes like George Clinton,
Nile Rodgers and Bootsy Collins. Our CD Baby, Apple iTunes and amazonmp3 music stores can be accessed there too.

Parisian Living- La Video

Our YouTube video for "Semi" was recorded live at Reading's After Dark Club in 1988. Personnel; Timski (keys) David (tenor sax) Alan (drums, BVs) Joanna (lead vocals) John (guitar) Gillian (BVs) Jane (BVs) Phil (piano) Mike (bass).

Parisian Living's previous albums "Beyond The Dreams Of Avarice" (1986) "Negative Entropy" (1992) "Viva" (1995) and "Another Load From The Muthalode" (2001) have all had positive reviews and scored the band two great festival appearances in France, not to mention ten plays on college radio station WVOF in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

"Another Load From The Muthalode" is also available on CD and from your favourite download provider, thanks to our web distributor CD Baby of Portland, Oregon, USA. "Muthalode" includes the song "My Life As A Dog" as featured in our YouTube video. Hear more of its 12 songs on our Soundcloud page.

In 2012, Mike joined Fandalism, the Facebook app for musicians. Since then "Are We There Yet Dad?" from "Muthalode" has had 1046 plays, and the video of "My Life As A Dog" has had 1055 plays on Fandalism.

Get it. Feel it.  Dig it. All.


Two awards now, thanks to!

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